Take 15 Minutes to Melt Stress and Ease Tension With This Calming Yoga Flow


When you’re stressed, worried, or anxious, your body and mind can feel tense and agitated. Taking a few minutes to breathe deeply and stretch your body can make a huge difference in helping to improve your mood, making you feel lighter, calmer, and more emotionally balanced. If you could use a little break from the demands of life, do this 15-minute relaxing yoga flow designed to welcome calmness and peace.

While you can do this yoga flow anywhere, it may help you feel more tranquil if you practice in a quiet, dimly lit space. Put on some chill music, light a candle or two, and take time to enjoy each of these poses for one minute, which is about 10 breaths. By the end, your breathing should feel more even, your mind more still, and your body more grounded.

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