This Powerful BTS “On” Dance Workout Takes Sweat-Pouring Intensity to Another Level


Right now you’re probably into the idea of working up a sweat without leaving your home, and if you’re like me, you wouldn’t mind getting a boost of mental strength while you’re at it. If that’s the case, let me direct your attention to this mesmerizing cardio dance workout set to “ON” by BTS and choreographed by Youtube dance fitness instructor Mylee Dance. It’s a heart-pounding, foot-stomping cardio challenge with jumps, kicks, and marching sequences that’ll make you feel ready to take on the world.

Mylee’s moves are based on BTS’s original choreography for the song, which means they’re pretty advanced. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t nail them the first time around! Just moving to the intense beat is going to work up a burn and make you feel like you’re marching into battle against all of your stress. Watch the video above to see what we mean, then suit up and get ready to sweat.

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